Effective July 1, 2021, BAG MAKERS’ pricing increased across all bag styles, ribbon, and tissue. This change was a result of price increases from suppliers due to the rising costs of resin, raw materials, ocean freight, and internal labor. New product pricing is reflected on our website.


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  • Halloween Bags

    Halloween Bags

  • Halloween Frosted Brite Shopper

    Halloween Frosted Brite Shopper

  • Discounted Pricing-Uptown Shoppers

    Discounted Pricing-Uptown Shoppers

  • Economy Tote

    Economy Tote

  • Reduced Mask Prices

    Reduced Mask Prices

  • Adventure


  • Printed Gift Cards

    Printed Gift Cards

  • Picasso


  • Grab and Go Bags

    Grab and Go Bags

  • Total Branding

    Total Branding

  • Brilliance - Special Finishes

    Brilliance - Special Finishes

  • New Brilliance Print Process

    New Brilliance Print Process

  • Plastic Mailers

    Plastic Mailers

  • Additional Services

    Additional Services

  • Sentry Sealable Soft loop

    Sentry Sealable Soft loop

  • Defender Sealable Die Cut

    Defender Sealable Die Cut

  • Digital Full-Color Die Cuts now with Gussets!

    Digital Full-Color Die Cuts now with Gussets!

  • Ribbon-Handle Matte Eurototes

    Ribbon-Handle Matte Eurototes

  • Plastic Covers

    Plastic Covers

  • Explorer Backpacks

    Explorer Backpacks

  • Hang Around

    Hang Around

  • Back-To-School


  • SOS Bags

    SOS Bags

  • Delivery, Take-out, Grocery Totes

    Delivery, Take-out, Grocery Totes

  • Giant Saver

    Giant Saver

  • Aurora Tote

    Aurora Tote

  • Izzy Tote

    Izzy Tote

  • Natural Totes

    Natural Totes

  • Glitz Tote

    Glitz Tote

  • Hi-Density Shoppers

    Hi-Density Shoppers

  • Eco Kraft Shoppers

    Eco Kraft Shoppers

  • Cancer Awareness

    Cancer Awareness

  • Growler and Wine Bottle Bag

    Growler and Wine Bottle Bag

  • Therm-O Totes

    Therm-O Totes

  • Carryout Convenience

    Carryout Convenience