Effective July 1, 2021, BAG MAKERS’ pricing increased across all bag styles, ribbon, and tissue. This change was a result of price increases from suppliers due to the rising costs of resin, raw materials, ocean freight, and internal labor. New product pricing is reflected on our website.

Artwork Specifications

Prior to placing your order, we invite you to send a copy of your art and any questions regarding its printability to artinquiry@bagmakersinc.com. We will review your design, generally within 24 hours, and make recommendations for achieving the best imprint possible.

Electronic Platform

We are Macintosh OS X based.
Fonts in all files (Mac or PC) should be converted to outlines, paths, or curves.


Imprints are added to pre-constructed bags so folds, gussets, or other restrictions may impact the available imprint area or ability to print. In addition, a multicolor design may require the bag to pass through the press an additional time for each color, depending on the print process. BAG MAKERS requires a minimum space between each ink color to accommodate unavoidable bag movement and color shifting that occurs during production. COLORVISTA, Digital Full-Color, Sparkle, and Sublimation are not subject to this space requirement. Please call for spacing requirements for orders using multiple print processes. Color tints/shades/tones may fluctuate up to 5% within a print run or reorder.

Download Art Specifications

Download general art specifications

Formats and Multicolor Imprinting

Please view the imprint page for detailed requirements. Files created in other programs or formats not listed on the art specifications pages may not be usable or may incur additional art charges for conversion. Please refer to the art charges section of this page.

Art Placement and Sizing

QR Codes

If our imprint includes a QR Code, please follow these basic guidelines to ensure optimum code functionality.

Brilliance—Not available.

ColorVista—1.5" square minimum size. A white background and border space must surround the code in order to create a clean, unobstructed scannable code.

Foil Hot-Stamp—1.5"square minimum size. For best results, the bag color should be white or frosted only. Only gloss black foil is available. Due to the bag texture, Matte Shoppers are not available for QR codes.

Flexo Ink—1.5" square minimum size. For best results, the bag color should be limited to white only. Not available on hi-density bags.

Sublimation—1.5" square minimum size. A white background and border space must surround the code in order to create a clean unobstructed scannable code.

Digital Full-Color—1.5" square minimum size. A white background and border space must surround the code in order to create a clean unobstructed scannable code.

Screen Print—Not available.

Sparkle—Not available.

Artwork Submission


We prefer that you send your art files and P.O. together in the same email to orders@bagmakersinc.com. In the subject field of your email, please include your P.O. number and company name. Please include a PDF or JPEG copy (proof) of your design so we can confirm the integrity of your electronic submission. We suggest that you compress (zip or stuff) your file or folder for transmission efficiency and protection from corruption.

If the file is too large to send via email, you may send it using a file-sharing site such as wetransfer.com or mailbigfile.com. These sites are free and do not require you to create an account. Please enter art@bagmakersinc.com as the recipient's email and utilize the message field to give us your name, company name, contact information, and P.O. number. This will help us match your artwork to your order.


Macintosh-compatible CD, DVD, or Flash Drive, labeled with your P.O. number, company name, and contact information. Please include a printout of your art for proofing purposes along with your disk. On orders with multiple spot-colors, please indicate color breaks on your printout.


These art rates do not apply to virtual proofs and Design Centre orders. For more information, please refer to our Design Centre art specifications page.

Art Charges

Creative Artwork Services—$60.00 (G) per hour. First hour is free.

Minimum Artwork Service Charge—$30.00 (G)

Proof Revisions—$12.00 (G) each. First revision is free with an electronic proof.

Virtual Sample Charges

$30.00 (G). A virtual sample is a digital representation showcasing our artwork on a photographic image of your bag of choice. It is provided for concept purposes to simulate your design as an actual printed item and is not a proof.

VistaScan Charges—Digital Barcode Technology

Imperceptible digital IDs are an added-value print enhancement available using BAG MAKERS' ColorVista, Sublimation, or Digital Full-Color print processes. The digital technology and service activation is provided by Digimarc Corporation.

BAG MAKERS—No charge for art set-up or embedding and testing one digital barcode per design/order. Multiple barcodes within one design or one order may incur additional art set-up charges based on the additional number of digital barcodes and complexity of the art set-up. Art charges are $60.00 (G) per hour with a minimum charge of $30.00 (G). Call for a quote.

DIGIMARC—A service fee of $50.00 (Z) per each digital barcode is paid directly to DIGIMARC by the DIGIMARC account owner. BAG MAKERS does not collect or pay this fee. Visit digimarc.com for more details.

For more information about Digital barcode technology, please visit our VistaScan page or email us at vistascan@bagmakersinc.com.

PANTONE® GUIDE BOOKS—Choosing the Right Imprint Color*

Choosing the Right Imprint Color*

Flexo Ink Imprinting on Plastic Bags—Use the Pantone PLUS Formula Guide-Solid Coated to choose colors.

Flexo Ink Imprinting on Uncoated and Kraft Paper Bags—Use the Pantone PLUS Formula Guide-Solid Uncoated to choose colors.

Sublimation, Digital Full-Color, Direct Print, and COLORVISTA Imprinting—use the Pantone PLUS CMYK Guide or Pantone PLUS Color Bridge Guide-Coated to choose colors.

*Color tints/shades/tones may fluctuate up to 5% within a print run or reorder. PMS color matching is not available for Brilliance, Screen Print, Foil Hot-Stamp, ColorVista, Sparkle Decoration, Sublimation, or Digital Full-Color.