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BAG MAKERS Introduces New Print Capabilities and Products for 2022

January 3, 2022

BAG MAKERS, Inc., is expanding its print capabilities to include a new Dynamic Color print process and Variable Data Printing for Digital Full-Color orders in 2022. In addition, the company has added multiple new items, colors, and sizes to its existing product collection, including Laminated Non-Woven Totes with Dynamic Color Printing, Peel & Seal Die Cuts, and BBL Bags.

BAG MAKERS’ new Dynamic Color print process is a state-of-the-art digital print technology available on a variety of bag styles. It provides multi-color imprints with tight registration and enables new domestic print options, including multi-color artwork on laminated non-woven totes and matte-laminated paper bags.

The company also now offers Variable Data Printing for Digital Full-Color orders. This allows customers to change text, colors, and images from one printed bag to the next, without slowing or stopping the press. Variable Data Printing provides customers with the control and flexibility to personalize artwork on every bag in an order and deliver targeted messages or information to each end user. Like a powerful mail merge, Variable Data Printing pairs the design file with a spreadsheet that designates print elements to change within the order—without additional plates or press set-ups.

In addition to the new print capabilities, BAG MAKERS introduced the following new-for-2022 products:

  • Laminated Non-Woven Totes with Dynamic Color Printing. BAG MAKERS added four new white laminated 95 combined GSM non-woven totes that can accommodate Dynamic Color imprints. These ultrasonic heat-sealed totes have lay-flat side and bottom gussets and an optional bottom board: Lulu (9W x 4 x 9H); Ivy (10W x 4 x 13H); Opal (15W x 6 x 14H); and Ava (19W x 6 x 15H).
  • Peel & Seal Die Cuts. These two new clear plastic bags with die cut handles are tamper-resistant and seal closed to secure contents. The Advocate (18W x 21H x 8 + 2” lip) and Warrior (22W x 22H x 8 + 2” lip) are USA Made and are available with Flexo Ink Print imprints.
  • BBL Bags. These eco-friendly, 1/6-barrel bags are made with 50# brown paper and feature an open top that can be folded closed. The 11W x 6 x 17H bags are USA Made and are available with Flexo Ink Print, Dynamic Color, or ColorVista imprints.

BAG MAKERS has expanded color options for two popular tote collections, as well as its Foil Print process:

  • The affordable Giant Saver and Thrifty Budget Totes are now available in red.
  • The best-selling Thunder grocery totes are now available in Grass Green.
  • Gold Holographic and Silver Holographic foil colors are now available for the Foil Print process.

New sizes were introduced to expand the versatility of existing product lines, including:

  • Digital Full-Color Die Cuts are now available in 15W x 18H x 4 (white); 16W x 13H (white, clear); 10W x 15H (white, clear); and 18W x 20H (white).
  • Plastic Mailers are now available in 6W x 9H (white) and 19W x 24H (white).
  • Badge Satin Ribbon is now available in custom-order sizes (3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 9”, 12”)