Additional Charges

Art and General Art Proof Charges

  • Creative Artwork Services

    —$60.00 (G) per hour. First hour is free.
  • Minimum Artwork Service Charge

    —$30.00 (G).
  • Proof Revisions

    —$12.00 (G) each. First revision is free with an electronic proof.

These rates do not apply to virtual proofs or Design Centre orders.

Broken Box Charge (Plain Bags Only)

A Broken Box is any quantity less than a full box count and varies per product. Please refer to the specific product page for the full box count.

Custom Imprint Colors

  • Screen Print Ink

    —Call for availability and pricing. PMS color match not available.
  • Hot-stamp Foil

    —Call for availability and pricing. PMS color match not available.
  • Flexo Ink

    —$62.50 (G) per color. PMS color matching available on white bags only.

Less-Than Minimum

$50.00 (G). Minimum is 50% of the first column quantity.

Plain Bags

20% off and shipped within 24 hours.

Plate Charges

Applies to all new orders and re-orders with changes. A plate is required for each color and each unique design. Refer to the individual product page for the applicable plate charge.

  • Flexo Ink Plate

    —$60.00 (G) per color, per design.
  • Foil Hot-stamp Plate

    —$80.00 (G) per color, per design.
  • Ribbon Hot-stamp Plate

    —$45.00 (G). No additional plate charges for additional colors.
  • Art Edits After Approval for Production

    —A plate charge per color, per design, will be incurred to remake the plate(s).
  • Re-orders

    —There is no plate charge for exact reorders if the order was printed within the past 36 months. Reorders with changes to the art, type changes/additions/removal, or additional imprint locations, will be treated as a new order and will incur plate charges.

Pre-Production Samples

$70.00 (G) per sample/per imprint method PLUS all plate and/or screen charges. 10 bag samples per order are provided. For the pre-production sample you approve, a $70.00 (G) credit will be applied to the final order.

Screen Charges

Screen charges apply to all new orders and re-orders with changes. A screen is required for every color, every unique design, and every location.

  • New Orders

    —$50.00 (G) per color, per design, per location.
  • Art Edits After Approval for Production

    —$50.00 (G) per color, per design to remake the screen(s).
  • Re-orders

    —$30.00 (G) per color, per design, per location.

SPARKLE Decoration Charges

Applies to all new orders and re-orders with changes.

  • Set-Up

    —$50.00 (G)
  • Second Side/Additional Location Run Charges

    —$2.00 (G) per bag, per location.

Special Packaging

Special boxing, poly-bagging, and slip sheeting options are available. Please call for quote.

Split Shipments

$12.00(G) per address.

Virtual Sample

$30.00 (G). A virtual sample is a digital representation showcasing your artwork on a photographic image of your bag of choice. It is provided for concept purposes to simulate your design as an actual printed item and is not a proof.

VISTASCAN Charges - Digital ID Technology

Imperceptible digital IDs are an added-value print enhancement available using BAG MAKERS' ColorVista print process. The digital technology and service activation is provided by Digimarc Corporation.


    —No charge for art set-up or embedding and testing one digital ID per design/order. Multiple digital IDs within one design or one order may incur additional art set-up charges based on the additional number of digital IDs and complexity of the art set-up. Art charges are $60.00 (G) per hour with a minimum charge of $30.00 (G).

    —A service fee of $50.00(Z) per each digital ID is paid directly to DIGIMARC by the DIGIMARC account owner. BAG MAKERS does not collect or pay this fee. Visit for more details.

Rush Service

Please see our Rush Service page for fees associated with this service.