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  Bag Recycling Information and Environmental Reference Sheet

The Society of Plastics Industry (SPI) code for each of our products is shown below. This code is a universal recycling symbol with a corresponding number that identifies the plastic composition of our bags. Our paper products carry the same universal symbol as plastic; however, paper is not assigned a number. You will find these symbols on product pages in this catalog to identify the type of material used and to help you determine the applicability of recycling in your area.

Across the United States, local collection facilities determine what products they will accept and which methods of recycling they will follow. Recycling programs for all of our bags may not exist in your area. The best information can be obtained from the collection and recycling facility in your area. The presence of a recycling symbol does not necessarily mean that the product or material will be accepted locally.

All of our bags are classified under one of 5 categories:

Recycled PET Bags
High Density "Frosted" Polyethylene Bags
Low Density "Glossy" Polyethylene Bags
Non -Woven Polypropylene Bags and Sheer Elegance Tissue
Paper Bags, Bag/Boxes and Paper Tissue

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