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Digital Water Marking


At BAG MAKERS, we take pride in our imprinting quality and ability to vividly produce your design on any of our products. To accomplish this we pay particular attention to the quality of artwork we receive. The following specifications detail our requirements in providing you exceptional imprinting of your logo. Artwork not meeting these standards may incur additional costs and time.

Questions About Your Artwork?
Prior to placing your order, we invite you to send a copy of your art and any questions regarding its printability to We will review your design, generally within 24 hours, and make recommendations for achieving the best imprint possible.

Electronic Platform
We are Macintosh OS X based. PC files must have fonts converted to curves, paths, or outlines, and saved or exported to a Mac compatible format.

Artwork Submission
E-mail: Send files to *50 MB limit.
Please insert your P.O. number and company name in the subject field. Also include a digital copy (PDF or JPEG) of your design so we can confirm the integrity of your electronic submission. We suggest that you compress (zip or stuff) your file or folder for transmission efficiency and protection from corruption.
*If your file size is too large to email, please contact us to determine the best way to electronically send your files to us.

Media: Macintosh compatible CD, DVD, or Flash Drive, labeled with your PO, company name, and contact information. Please include a printout of your art for proofing purposes along with your disk. On orders with multiple spot-colors, please indicate color breaks on your printout.

Unless otherwise specified on your purchase order, all artwork will be sized to the maximum imprint dimensions and centered in the product's standard imprint area.

We offer 1 free hour of creative artwork services, and 1 free revision with an electronic proof. Additional proof revisions are $10.50(G) each. Additional services are billed at our hourly rate of $56.00(G) per hour with a minimum charge of $28.00(G). These rates do not apply to virtual proofs and Design Centre orders.

$70.00(G) per sample/per imprint method plus plate charges for Foil Hot Stamp and Flexographic Ink printing; Screen Printing will incur screen charges for additional imprint colors and/or second side. 10 bag samples per order are provided. For the pre-production sample that you approve, a $70.00(G) credit will be applied to the final purchase order.

$28.00(G). A virtual sample is a digital representation showcasing your artwork on a photographic image of your bag of choice. It is provided for concept purposes only to simulate your design as an actual printed item.

A Special Note About Our Imprinting Processes
Imprinting takes place on a bag which is already constructed. This means that some restrictions, such as a fold or a gusset in the bag, may impact its printability and available imprint area. In addition, a multi-color design requires the bag to pass through the press an additional time for each color. A space requirement between each color is required to accommodate for bag movement and color shifting that cannot be avoided. COLORVISTA is not subject to this space requirement.

QR Codes
If you are including a QR code in your design, please follow these guidelines for creating a QR code to insure the best possible imprint for successful scanning.

  1. Use a QR Code Generator that allows you to save your code as a vector image, e.g. SVG, PDF, or EPS. These can be scaled without a loss of quality and produce a better printed code. A free online code generator is available at:
  2. Make the code 100% Black on White.
  3. A good border of White is important for a code to render properly. Most codes are 25 modules wide by 25 modules high. We recommend the White border be at least 4 modules wide around the code.
  4. Don't reverse out the code's colors. We have found they usually don't work.
  5. Size—We recommend the minimum size of the QR code be 1.5 inches square, including the White borders. Use the sample image to the right as your guide.
Imprinting QR codes on our products requires some basic guidelines in order to be scanable and functional. Based on our testing, here are some guidelines for each of our imprinting processes.

Can We Print Them?Minimum SizeAdditional Guidelines
ColorVista Yes 1.5"
  • A white background & border space must surround the code in order to create a clean, unobstructed scanable code.
Hot StampingYes1.5"
  • For best results, the bag color should be white or frosted only.
  • Only gloss black foil is available.
  • Due to the bag texture, Matte Shoppers are not available for QR Codes.
Flexo ImprintingYes1.5"
  • For best results, the bag color should be limited to white only.
  • Not available on hi-density bags.
Screen PrintingNoN/A
  • Imprinting QR codes with screen printing is not possible due to the process’ inability to provide crisp edges that can be scanned well by mobile devices.
  • The texture of the polypropylene also affects they ability to scan.


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